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During our class time, we will be discussing what's expected in a job interview and what makes a good or bad interview.  You will get a chance to practise and role play many interviews.  Although many students are anxious about practising interview skills, it is the best way to become a better interviewee.

After you have practiced interview skills, the co-op classes will be going to the Pathways Center at Stratford Intermediate School (SIS) for mock interviews.  Various employers and human resource employees will conduct a panel to provide students with information regarding interviews.  After the panel discussion, each student will be interviewed by members of the community. More information regarding the date and times will follow.

Remember to bring two copies of your cover letter, resume and references to the interviews. 


Here are some sample questions:

1. Why are first impressions so important?

2. What kind of information should you research about your work placement?

3. Which of the behaviour-based questions would be the hardest for you to answer?

4. Why might an interviewer ask questions about hypothetical situations?

5. As time permits, read through the classic questions and write out your answers to some of them.

6. What are some things you could do if you are stumped by a question?

7. What's the best strategy for answering negative questions, such as, "What are some of your weaknesses?"

8. What will you do if you are asked an illegal question during an interview?  What makes a question illegal?

9. Explain how your own body language gives a message to the interviewer.

10. What are some questions you could ask the interviewer?

11. What is your strategy for ending the interview on a positive note?

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