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Log Sheets

Log Sheets make up 15% of your term mark. Log sheets keep track of the hours that you work along with the tasks that you perform. Log Sheets are due every Monday by 3pm.

Expectations for Log Sheets:

  • Handed in on time

  • Signed by your employer, or provide the contact name and information (email or phone #) of your supervisor so your teacher can confirm your hours

  • Completely filled out both the front (communication mark) and back (thinking mark)

  • Daily tasks are described in detail

  • All of the hours are added up correctly (lunch is taken off for 4-credit students)

  • Clear of grammar and spelling mistakes

You will be given the choice of receiving a log package or completing the logs electronically before you start your placement. Your logs should be kept somewhere safe where you can easily access them each day. Speak to your employer to see if there is an appropriate place at your placement. 

Digital log sheets can be accessed in Google Classroom.

Screen Shot 2023-05-25 at 1.55.01 PM.png

Did the dog eat your log sheets??

Do not fret!

Go to your co-op teacher's google classroom to find the weekly log sheets.

Just print off the ones you need :)

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