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Co-op Protocol

For cooperative education to be a success, there must be a protocol for students to follow. This section of pre-placement will be completed in class.  For any students who missed this exciting conversation there is a question sheet that must be completed and put in your folder. You will find some information below to help with the answers.

Injuries at Work

Most students in co-op are insured under WSIB.  If you are injured at work it is important to follow some basic steps. 

1. Seek First Aid

2. Tell your employer

3. Contact your teacher

If your injury requires treatment or may require treatment at a further time, forms need to be filled out within a certain amount of time. 


Co-op operates differently than the regular SDSS schedule upon inclement weather. If buses are cancelled and SDSS is open for study purposes only, co-op students are still expected to go to co-op if they can do so safely. If you are a bused student and cannot make it into town, contact your employer and your teacher to let them know you are unable to make it to the placement. 

Sick or Field Trip

If you are sick you must contact your supervisor, the school AND your teacher.

If you have a field trip you should ask your supervisor if it okay to attend. If it is approved you need to notify your co-op teacher as well.

Cell Phones​

What do you think???  That's right! Turn off your cell phones when you are at co-op.

Working Outside Co-op Hours

If you work outside of co-op hours (as written on your wsib form) you must fill out the Extra Hours Log Sheet. You will need a signature from your supervisor, parent/guardian and teacher PRIOR to working those extra hours.


Co-op Information

Looking for when your assignment is due?  Or maybe when your next in-class is? Before you text your teacher, where can you look? 

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