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Integration Lessons

In-Class #1

  • Getting Started Activity

  • Show & Share Video Assignment Introduction

  • Employer Evaluation

  • Cooperative Education Learning Plan (C.E.L.P.) Review & Update

  • Culminating Assignments Introduction & Planning

Student - Teacher Interviews

  • Students will come into the school for an interview with their Coop teacher as scheduled, sometime near the mid semester mark.

  • Students will reassess goals and review their C.E.L.P. updating as needed

  • Remaining time will be spent working on Culminating Assignments

In-Class #2

  • Culminating Activities Work Period

  • Presentation of students Show & Share Videos

In-Class #3

  • C.E.L.P. Final Interview & Completion

  • Semester Wrap Up Checklist

For more details click on the individual in-class day links above

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