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Cover Letters


Every resume should be accompanied by an individualized letter.  The objective of the letter is to define how your skills and experience relate to the particular needs of the employer to whom you're writing.  This letter should be addressed specifically to the person who will most likely be interviewing you.

Your cover letter should have no more than 3 paragraphs:

1. Why you are interested in the Co-op placement?

  • Something you like about the company

  • Career goals

  • Type of jobs you like

2. What's so great about you?

  • Skills you have which relate to this particular placement   

  • How you think you can help the business

  • State that your resume is enclosed with further information

3. Contact information

  • When you're available for Co-op (morning/afternoon/full-day), including any time restrictions

  • Provide your Co-op teacher's name, phone number, and email

  •  State what happens next (for example, will you look forward to hearing from them, or will you contact them?)

The cover letter should have the "business format" shown in class.  It should include:

  • Your contact information (same format as your resume)

  • The date you are sending it or dropping it off

  • The company contact information 

  • Attention line; followed by the name of the contact person, and a 2nd line for that person's title

  • Salutation (for example, "Dear Mr. So-and-so,")

  • Three paragraphs as listed above

  • Sincerely,

  • Your signature

  • Your name typed out





Below is a template you could use when writing your cover letter. Highlight the following text, paste it to your Google Docs, and fill out your information using the prompts given:

Student Name​
Phone Number​
Street Address​
City, Province​
Postal Code​


Supervisor’s Name​
Company Name​

Street Address​
City, Province​
Postal Code


​Attention: Name of Supervisor

Dear Mrs. Supervisor

"I am a co-op student at Stratford District Secondary School......"​
This first paragraph describes why you are interested in doing your co-op at this company.

Name the position you are applying for a Co-op in.

How you heard about the company.

Something you like about the company​ (do some research on the company!).
Your career goals​ and the type of job you like.


The second paragraph is a place to brag...what is so great about you?​
Skills you have that relate to this particular placement​. Tailor each cover letter for the specific job.
How you think you can help the business​.
“I have enclosed a resume with further information about myself and my accomplishments.”

“I am currently enrolled in a 2-credit morning/ or 4 credit co-op from September 24 until January 18th. I will be available from 8:30 am until 11:30 am. My co-op teacher’s name is Teacher Name and she/he can be contacted at 519 555 5555 or email address. I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.”




Student Name

Enclosed/Attached: Resume

Cover Letter Template


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