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​How to Build a Resume


A resume is an advertisement for you.

List the skills and qualifications that you think an employer would look for in hiring someone for the specific placement you want.

After your personal information at the top of your resume, you should put the job title you are applying for.

Present yourself in a clear, concise manner.

  •     No sentences; no periods

  •     Bullets that line up neatly

  •     Headings in order of importance

  •     List work experience in reverse chronological order

  •     Give details about skills gained in point form

  •     All on one page

Take some time to look at good and bad examples of resumes in class.

Have at least one peer edit your resume before submitting it.

Do not use a resume template because employers will recognize it and think you can't do your own resume.

Resumes are your first impression when job hunting.

Do not allow any spelling mistakes.  Make it look nice!


For some examples, go to

Wish you could tell them more?  That's what the cover letter is for!

Certifications you will have by the end of Pre-Placement:


Workplace Medical Corp. First Aid with CPR C + AED (SHSM Students Only)




Workplace Violence and Harassment Procedures Training


Worker Health & Safety Awareness in 4 Steps



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