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My Blueprint

It's time to update your online Career Portfolio:

Go to the myblueprint website (button above).


Login with your email address and password. If you forget your password, click "Forgot your password?" in the green box.

If you forget the email address you used, go to "New User" in the blue box and use the activation key, "sfnss".

Follow the instructions below to complete My Blueprint.

1. Explorations:

Click on Explorations (Grades 10 - 12+).

Do the Interest Survey.

Star at least 3 careers you like.

Star at least 3 program areas you like.

Print off the summary and hand it in.

2. Co-op/Work Experiences:

Click "My Profile" (top left) to get back to My Blueprint home page.

Scroll down to "Experiences" and click "Start."

Record your current Co-op placement information.

Optional: Record community involvement hours and other work experiences.

3. My Files:

(If you have created documents on Googledocs, you will need to download them to your school computer drive before uploading them to My Blueprint.)

Click "My Profile" (top left) to get back to the My Blueprint home page.

Go to "My Files" at the right side of the screen and click, "Upload Files."

Upload your Co-op resume, cover letter, and PPLP.

Optional: Make a document listing your certifications with dates and upload it to My Blueprint.

Optional: Upload information related to your OYAP or college/university applications.

4. As time permits, explore the Post Secondary Planner or Occupation Planner to help you in your career research.

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