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Final In-Class Session 

Congrats! You made it! The end of the semester is here :)

You have a few more tasks to complete before you finish Co-op. Below is a link to your End of Semester Task Sheet

Start off by getting your folder and putting it in order according to the pre-placement task list.

Then count your hours using your Log Sheets.

Once you are finished that, go on with the rest of the list.

If you have questions, ask a Co-op teacher.


By the end of this class I will have:



  • ​Write a "thank you" card for my supervisor and make plans to drop it off

  • Add up all of my hours, according to my log sheets, record them and have your teacher sign off on them

  • Complete all guiding questions on the back of my log sheets

  • Complete all parts of my culminating activities

  • Give my organized folder to my teacher and had them sign off on my Final Task Sheet

  • Complete an End of Semester Survey on my Co-Pp experience

  • Choose my courses for next year, using (returning students only)




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