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Final In-Class - All Students





​By the end of this class I will have:



  • ​Written a thank-you card to my supervisor and made plans to drop it off

  • Added up all of my hours according to my log sheets, recorded them and had a teacher sign off on them

  • Completed all guiding questions on the back of my log sheets

  • Completed all parts of my culminating activities

  • Given my organized folder to my teacher and had them sign off on my Final Task Sheet

  • Completed an End of Semester Survey on my co-op experience

  • Chosen my courses for next year, using




Semester End Tasks

You made it! The end of the semester is here :)

You have a few more tasks to complete before you finish Co-op. Below is a link to your End of Semester Task Sheet. Print this sheet off and check off the tasks upon completion. You will find the links needed to complete the list below. Start off by getting your folder and putting it in order according to the pre-placement task list. Then count your hours using your Log Sheets. Once you are finished that, go on with the rest of the list. If you have questions, ask a Co-op teacher.

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