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Capturing the Student Voice



Throughout my life, I’ve had many different career ideas in my mind, but there wasn't one that stuck out to me. I went into co-op thinking that I wanted to be an ultrasound tech, however, I soon realized that it was not what I expected. That same year my co-op teacher found me another placement working with seniors who have dementia, Alzheimer's, etc. She thought this was a good fit because of my experience working at a retirement home. She was right, it opened my eyes to the things that seniors need.


My next year of coop, I stuck to careers working with seniors. I went to OneCare and found out that I am not a ‘sit behind the desk type of person.’  Some desk work is okay, but I really like to be active with the clients. I knew that I wanted to plan activities for seniors. The career I was looking into, was working with seniors and children with special needs. I had no experience working with children who had special needs. This year I decided to go to a public school and am currently working with a student who had behavioral problems and another student who had unilateral hearing, meaning that he only has one ear.


Co-op has helped me pick the career field I want to study by opening up my options and narrowing it down. I found out many different skills that I didn't even know I had, for example patience. It has also helped me improve some of my skills like problem solving, and my computer skills. Co-op helped me see what working environment works best for me and which ones I didn't like so much.  It has really shown me careers out in the community that I didn't even know were out there.


I will be attending college in the fall for recreation therapy. Co-operative Education played a major role in helping me make this important decision.

Sierra Savelle - Stratford Northwestern Secondary School

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