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Ontario Skills Passport

The Ontario Skills Passport (OSP) will provide students with essential skills and work habit information.  This will provide students with information that will assist them in Career choice and workplace skill development. To complete this section, click on the following three sections and follow the directions.

NOC Code


The National Occupation Classification Code is a number that represents each occupation. To complete the OSP Workplan, you must find your Co-op placement's NOC code by clicking on the following link.




Write down your code and enter it into the next section.  If you cannot find a career that is close to your Co-op placement, speak with your teacher.

OSP Work Plan


Once you have found your NOC code, you will click on the link below to read the instructions on how to create the OSP Work Plan.

Open the link below and create your OSP Work Plan using your NOC code. Make sure you save and print a copy for your folder when you are finished.

Skills Zone


After completing your OSP, you can continue on to the Games section. Click on the link below to find Games, Crosswords, Word Searches, Matching Activities, Interactive Learning Activities and other Resources.

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